Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scott Pilgrim RP Brainstorimg

Neo: Knives, Ramona, Roxie, Wallace
Kitteh: Scott(Nega-Scott), Kim, Stephen

Well, I do like the idea that the relationship would already be strained after the end of the comic x: Scott has given a lot of chances. What with the deal that happened between Ramona and Roxi... then her just vanishing... he fought for her and has to think about what she might decide to do or spring on him next

she also kicked him outa the house o: it was why he got his own place to start with... srsly... girl needs to burn in a fire. She yo-yo'd him around ... you can't just do that to someone and have everything be hunky dorey

Exactly x: nothing is going to be picture perfect. Scott may try to believe that it's still a steady relationship, but that's because he's pretty naive at times and he likely wants to think that things are fine when really he's probably unsure just what to think of it all if he were to really sit and just take time to look at the relationship

also I have sexy thoughts o:

Tell me your sexy thoughts O:

o: well, in the comics, Nega Scott seems to be uhh well.. xD I'm not sure... his denial, I guess, of reality... well, whats Scott in denial most of all? xD being closeted. So, what if Nega Scott makes the first move.

Yeah, that's what I percieved it as. His complete denial of what's truth or what he doesn't want to be true o:
And you mean the first move on Wallace? Because if that's the case then it would be interesting since Wallace has no idea about Scott's other half which might make things confusing between the two boys XD

XD on Wallace, yes. Wallace might know, given Scott tells Walalce everything. Wallace seems to be his best friend, or at least shoulder to lean on guy.
And it isn't really cheating, because Nega Scott IS Scott.... Plus, cmon, sexy dark Scott is sexy in all its possibillities. They didn't use it too much in the comic. xD the movie use was more funny.

He just looked weird and odd in the movie cause they tried to use some kind of special effects that didn't suit it XD in the game he's just a black and white form and has control over zombies
But yes, it's possible Wallace knows... and if he does know just what Nega Scott means and the fact NS is trying to make out with him... well.. then Wallace would likely figure out what Scott is trying to hide x8 !

xDD... it is a little obvious, yes...

What a fun conversation that will be later XD

Mmm.. I like that idea XD NS being part of Scott's gay denial


Well yes XD but it doesn't mean I want normal Scott out of the picture completely.. that would be sad for NS to completely take his place

o: Wallace sammich. xD of course Scott wouldn't be outa the picture, NS is Scott. NS will prolly just go back in Scott when he's accepted his gayness o: just like in the comic

That's what I figure o: he has to stop denying it all... and what about the earlier thoughts we had about Mobile and Wallace?

o: dumping Wallace?

o: did you want to?

Well, I thought it was a good idea. We did say that Wallace would be distracted, plus he isn't all that used to such a stable relationship. usually he seems to be the dumpee... or at least more of a one-off type person. it doesn't really seem like he dumps anyway. Just sleeps around
Either way... I like the less predictible method of him being tossed aside. Not to be mean about it.. it's just a really good idea

o: Wallace shows up one day at Scott's front door soaking wet and pathetic from the rain and asks Scott if he can come in and just lay on Scott's floor forever and a day.

x: let Mobile have the house....

because he knows that Scott will let him crash for however long x: even if he did let their last place go for a guy

x: he felt it was time for them to move on and grow. Their place was a crap hole and he wanted to give Scott that push to go be independent and happy. But all of it exploded in their faces. So he's gunna be a wet carpet on Scott's floor nao

Well.. okay x: so, nao that we sort of have somewhat of a setting for how everyon's lives are. At least Scott and Wallace. We need to figure out some of the others. We know that Scott is in his own band with Kim now. Knives I believe wanted to try to be alone for a little while... but, I think if she felt that she was growing up better than we could try to get her and Kim together

She went to UBC.. xD That university is like.. an hour away from where I live via transit.. COME BACK KNIVES AND KIM... wait.. >> Kim came back didn't she? cuz she was randomly there with their new band of 2

Yeah, she came back I believe o: otherwise she wouldn't have easily been able to make Shatterband with Scott

Oh yeah! And Knives is still around.. she was watching them play with Neil o:

xD I guess she visits? or moved back. IM SO CONFUSED WITH THAT VOLUME

I assume Kim moved back. I just think she needed time away because of what happened when she got caught by the twins. As for Knives she can easily visit from a college.. though it would be a long drive if that's where it is compared to Toronto XD

XD ... BC is like.. four provinces away from Ontario. ITS FAR AWAY

But yet Knives magically appears XD HELLO CONTINUITY... but this is a comic where anything is possible. Random visits from far away can be one of those things

XD theres the subspace highway. INSTANT VISITING.

That's true too XD

XD Ramona isn't the only one who uses them. SHE DOESNT HAVE THOSE THINGS COPY RIGHTED... Roxie said she was the one who taught her how to use those... but Ramona said she learned it in school.. Ramona also said she went to school on a floating mountain. I DONT KNOW WHATS REAL ANYMOAR

Given this comic I believed the floating mountain thing XD but just because of how weird everything else was
But yeah, we can easily say most people in the comic that get from point A to point B quick end up learning how to use the subspace doors... Scott used them so much that it's possible he can end up showing people o:

o: I cold see him teaching friends. Or at least those closest to him. At least Knives. I'm sure he wants her to visit. And if Knives and Kim get together, I'm sure he'd want to give them a way to see each other whenever. xDD...they're gunna be running through his head sometimes..

And they aren't sorry in the least XD
Aww.... he can teach Wallace how to use it... just so he can have him run through his mind :3

Scott: MAN you must be tired cuz you've been running through my mind all day ;D
Wallace: 8| .... you're lucky your adorkable puns make me hot, guy.

XDDD Awww... he would totally try it and be was too happy it works

xDD wallace would fall for it... because the more dorky Scott is teh more cute he is the more he can't resist him

So, we're saying that Kim moved back to help with the band and Knives takes subspace to try and visit. Hmm.. any ideas on how they might get together? We both agreed that Kim is very likely a closet lesbian given how she treats her male friends half the time.. excluding Scott and how he deserved it XD

this is a good question o: I'm not entirely sure. xD but now teir entire group is gay. Stephen Stills, Scott, Kim, Knives... Wallace was gay from the start

I actually liked the fact that Stephen was suddenly gay.. because, at least from my perspective, it was a little out of the blue since i hadn't seen spoilers. And I like Stephen given how nice he had been to Knives and how generally cool he had been through the comic anyway XD so just random gay was icing on the cake

XD it was pretty random. I have no opinion on Stephen. I neither like nor dislike him. Tho the guy he's with kinda scares me with his pedo beard... and his words are always super tiny in his balloons.. which. I can't even fathom how he talks. Possibly in a quiet voice... which.. xDD complete with the pedo beared...

I could read them fine XD he's always pretty blunt towards people.. Pretty much the type of person that speaks his mind and lets a person know how he feels whether they want to know or not... which was why every time they recorded he would outright tell Scott or anyone else that he was just going to completely redo their parts to their face

XD they were smaller in the balloons on purpose. Take a look, its that way every time he talks.
Yeah XD I found it hilarious how he out right talked down to people. Not a friendly guy.

Oh, well maybe I just had it zoomed in really far. I tended to do that a lot on the pages XD
Aww, but I like the two of them :3 ITS A GAY COUPLE IN A COMIC... so rare... so I enjoy it o: plus, like I said, I like Stephen XD

xD I have no idea how we'll fit Roxie in and where... But I liked her, she was sexy and awesome.

Save point o: I'm sure we'll figure out something.. once we figure out the action bits we can use her... but the thing is we talked about Scott's little weaponry that Wallace can use and they would have to actully get together first

o: this is also true. Sadly theres no girls up for grabs for her.

Not really x: and she doesn't need a Ramona... Ramona was cruel to her

D: yep.. used her. Dumb Ramona

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moar Scott pilgrim ideas based on pictures

Neck kisses - Wallace losing job. Scott comforting him. Paper route is mentioned somewhere.

Scott alone - Wallace takes Scott shopping as a sort of coming out of the closet kind of thing. Let's him pick out anything he wants within a budget. Scott picks out what he thinks a gay guy might wear. Ends up asking Wallace if he looks gay enough.

Bass playing - Need to have Scott actually singing a song. Use Neo's suggested phrase of 'Well of love'. Has to be full of cheese, WAFF and just terrible overall. Likely do that one last.

Umbrella picture - Wallace is there to pick Scott up after band practice. Still while the relationship is new because Scott will be shy about public affection.

Purple nuzzles - Wallace saying sweet nothings to his Scott.

Sad/Pining Scott - Scott upset that 'other' Scott is over and getting cuddles. Most of his internal thoughts include some denial because he isn't sure if he should even be pining over Wallace.

Surprise kisses - First kiss over Chinese food which Scott initiates and leaves Wallace stunned. Scott is a bumbling mess after.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scott Pilgrim drabble ideas


Me: ... that's great for you, but I know shit all about it XD

Neo: XD its pretty much the same thing for the fourth of July but instead its Canadian
people wear white and red
theres fireworks
nearby a park by angels they set up a band there and theres people selling cheap junk and food xD
xD fun stuff like that.
xD then late at night they have the fireworks there
Canada Day xD it gives what it promises

Me: Would you want them to already be together or not in the fic? o:


Me: I like writing people already together XD mainly because I don't have to trudge through getting them there and there can be more time for fluff

Neo: xD uhhh... I think there's face painting... sparklers... yeah, whatever their town would have to celebrate. People running around in Canadian shirts and colours... hats...
xD waving little flags
those yummy mini donuts... xD hot dogs...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

OC RP Brainstorm - Not Less Than Three


Me: You're more than welcome to come up with something o:

Neo: oh man XD I need inspiration
XD all thats coming to me is like.. the plot of Sucker plunch and an old MUDD I used to play called CrossRoads

Me: Well we can't STEAL ideas XD

Neo: XD well no, I'm not saying that. But in the world of XR, people were normal, there was differnet races and stuff, but went they to sleep they were usually completely different people with abilities and stuff in this dream world. I guess their true selves. xD Which is why Sucker Punch just remined me of that



Me: I'll have to watch it at some point XD but.. okay.. so the world within a world thing is not all that uncommon?

Neo: XD it depends how you do it, really
FF10... FF9....

Me: Well I liked how SP did it.... and that just makes it look like I'm saying South Park... I mean Sucker Punch XD
Well.. okay.. so are we talking abilities in the dream world? o:

Neo: o: yeah
xD this could end up being really epic... or really stupid

Me: I'm okay with that o: I'm just afraid it might feel like a total ripoff of like.. the movies or shit, but if other stuff has done it I don't feel as bad... and I wish chats had enter shift.... I don't think it could be stupid. We've done pretty epic stuff before

Neo: XD well like I said, its all about how we go about it
XDD and I doubt we'll be having someone dance them into a day dream

Me: Nuuu... I doubt that XD although... the dreams could be a nice way to maybe transition whoever ends up being mute into not being mute, but it's like the only time. That way it's like the rare instanses the writing takes a break from it. Which means, the dreams are the only time that certain character gets a chance to speak

Neo: XD I figured

Me: Dreams are awesome like that XD

Neo: XD now if we could figure something to make it less silly than having it as a 'dream world'... if... I'm makign sense anymore

Me: Like... instead of just saying dream world? XD

Neo: xD like... instead of nap time being LETS ME SUPER

Me: Ohh... you mean like it shouldn't just be a whole sleeping thing? XD I'm trying to get what you're saying

Neo: XD yeah, I think thats what i'm saying. Like, have a purpose to it as well

Me: Ah, okay XD gotcha... yeah, that would make sense. Not just wanting to go to sleep for it to happen. Like, they NEED to be in that world for some specific reason or they're kind of forced.. whatever the case may be

Neo: yeah xD exactly. Which.. is where plot comes in I guess

Me: Yep, pretty much o: first we kind of need to figure out if these people, I say people because obviously there's more than one, even live together. In the same building or near each other.... or do they just see one another in these dreams? Is that the only time they catch sight of each other

Neo: XD good question

Me: Hmm... well, my suggestion is that at least a couple of them live close enough to interact o: because we'll need that outside of the dreams

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brainstorming and some saddness - Part Six *Spoilers*

Me: Okay, like i said... wouldn't putting an expirey date on his programming delete/erase him at that point in time? x:

Neo: o: well.. I guess. If Seliph dies.. then I don't think he'd wanna live forever alone.... Man... Seliph the old wrinkly man.. still married to a short young Mireru.. XD

Me: That is kind of depressing and weird at the same time XD that's why I suggested yesterday that maybe Mireru would try to find some way of making Seliph a spirit too or at least make him live forever... Paul seems to be able to do anything with all his potions and what not

Neo: but technically speaking Mireru isn't a spirit.. he's a chunk of programming... D: Seliph is flesh and blood... Unless somehow Seliph is digitised.. there's no way

Me: Yeah... it would be something they wouldn't be able to do, but they wouldn't exactly know that x: maybe Mireru would want to try and there's just no way? Because neither knows about the programming.
The fact they're kept in the dark about Mireru's REAL situation leads to a lot of tragic stuff x:

Neo: although... theres a lot of spiritual /mystical stuff as well, that kinda goes beyond this program.. the lines blur... XD if you ever bother to read some of the dialogue... its crazy.

Me: I can imagine XD the thing about the dragon and the girl you told me was enough
There's obviously some people that already know about what Gio is doing.. or has done... the dragons for example are one. Stella is likely another given her card reading, but it just takes her ability to see it. So, it's just people with that kind of psychic or magic type of ability to see what's REALLY going on

Neo: of course... now I'm going to make you think... XD aren't the people in Trickster technically digitised in a sense? They're given animal attributes, new clothes, powers, they evolve...

Me: Using the program? Yes.. all their powers are given to them by all of these digital enhancers. Which is seen in the game when we level up or get new skills.
Which begs the question as to if any of the Tricksters like Cheeky, or even the dragons for that matter, are as powerful as they really are... and with that thought... do Nava and Clever know this? o: They just choose to ignore it and let everyone and themselves live in a sort of blissful ignorance

Neo: wait... XD do they know what? That the world is fake? or..?

Me: Well, obviously they know the world is fake... I would assume that since they send Cheeky to Pochi and Pachi... what I mean is if they know that the powers and skills are fake. A lot of the snhancements were mostly the computers doing. So, if yo uthink about it.. take away the programming.. take away the powers
I just wonder if Nava and Clever know this and choose to ignore it since knowing would mean they aren't really as powerful as they truly seem to be

Neo: I assume the people go there have an innate ability and the game just helps bring that out. People go into what they're best and it fits. And so their abilities are inhanced...
I think the dragons' knowledge comes from more than omnicience, they've just been around long enough, seen and heard so much, that they're just plain knowledgeable.

Me: Ahh, see, I wasn't sure of that o: alright then

Neo: that said.. um... XD you learn alot about the inner workings of trickster when you go into the dev room... thats around.. hmm lvl 160 I think...

Me: 150 actually... these two should be able to do it soon. Usually I don't bother reading that stuff, but I'll try to the next time when Nava does it o:

Neo: o: wait for me, I wanna read too. But I'm thinking that dev room is a lot more locked up in the comic... XD They don't want tricksters snooping.. learning secrets... and uh.. I'm thinking Kitteh is locked up down there.

Me: Yessss XD that would make sense. Isn't it a haunted place too? Not quite as bad as Oops, but I mean.. there's that ghost boy lurking around in there
But, either way.. it does look like an experimental kind of place

Neo: XD ghost boy... yeah... he's from the Don family

Me: ... they sound so Mafia-esque XDD

Neo: XD that they do. The kid was sick... and he was friends with Rosaline when they were kids. They were each other's first love. Um, the kids sickness was so bad that he had to stay inside, and it really fucked him up so bad he had to wear bandages. It twisted his soul... and he haunts some area.. as a mummy... XD Its kind of a heart breaking tale

Me: Oh yeah! I remember reading that last bit about the bandages and such on Clone when I was doing it with her D: it really was pretty sad

Neo: XD so.. the spiritual and the program kinda intermingal.. Hopefully that helps Mireru and Seliph be less SOL

Me: At the point where Gio decides to fuck with the computer in the comic XD that would be nice

Neo: x: if the program crashed... Seliph would lose his Mireru..

Me: and try so hard to get him back... with no memories x:

Neo: ;.;... imagine if Seliph was an old man... and caballa crashed... and then he got Mireru back...with no memories... All that time lost... gone... And so little time to get reaquainted, he's an old man.. what could Mireru want with an old guy. Nothing.

Me: ;___; Seliph would be lost and forgotten *clings* his Mireru wouldn't want him all because he's old... that's too sad
x8 ... and now I have to eat... brb

Neo: x: there would be no point in rekindling anything... not even friendship.... Seliph would be all alone... left with whatever time he has left on earth

Me: Why so mean Mireru D: believe what the old Seliph has to say

Neo: x8 that they were married for XXXX amount of years

Me: Probably for a good long amount of years x:

Neo: x: if Seliph is an old man, yes... But if Seliph would even mention it...

Me: I think he would try to and hope that Mireru believes him x:

Neo: x: he might not get romance outa it.. but, hopefully friendship

Me: for his last few years x:

Neo: x: not how he wanted to spend his last few years... it would have been better in Mireru's arms..
Me: being loved x:

Neo: x: until his last breath

Monday, May 23, 2011

Brainstorming - Part Five *Spoilers*

Neo: the dragons look cute with short hair in third form.. XD I wonder if it was always so short

Me: Well, it's kind of short in game.. so it makes sense to kind of give them shorter looking hair in the comic... it's like as they went from 1st to 3rd job their hair grew shorter and shorter XD cause even in 2nd it doesn't look as long as it used to while in that ponytail

Neo: XD well in the comic, the boys have really short hair

Me: Yeah, I was looking at it yesterday... I like their short hair in the comic... maybe being all powerful makes them want short hair XD <3

Neo: XDD mebe? I was just wondering about their previous jobs if it was as different. Since we'll be going into their past afterrr... they knock cheeky out XD

Me: Could be O: would be nice since their 1st job hairstyles aren't really all that interesting XD and that's where we'll be going from

Neo: XD its just long in first form

Me: Exactly.. like you said o: try to make it look a little different for them so they'll stand out from any other dragon that walks by

Neo: o: not entirely sure what'd they have

Me: Me either right off the bat o: but it's something to think about

Neo: o: something gay no doubt

Me: I keep thinking something in the hair... but since they have to wear hats and such then I'm not sure they could do that XD and Nava would likely only be the one wearing something in his hair

Neo: XD ONLY Nava?

Me: He's the really gay one XD that's why

Neo: XDD apparently he became the really gay one

Me: You call him the really gay one all the time XD

Neo: XD because he sparkles

Me: He's supposed to XD
But, they could both wear something in their hair then o:

Neo: o: sure, why not. I don't know what their opinions are about looking alike. Some twins like it, and some twins hate it. XD These two.. I think they like it.

Me: They like it a lot XD aside from the hair thing... I don't think they mind standing out there

Neo: well, in the comic they're black and white XD I figuuuure that has to do with their alignment. Which might have happened with their light and dark pact.

Me: Ohhh o: makes sense then... I also have to wonder if they were ever given hints as to if they would become powerful beings. Like.. during their 2nd and 3rd job changes. Sort of like... words of wisdom that other mages never were given. Perhaps there were things that Louie saw, or even the Jesters for that matter, that they didn't see in other mages

Neo: XD The dark jester's name is Janus.... I remember because... its Janus...
Its possible. Hell, I could see those boys going through a lot... not just because of the incest factor, but they're on polar opposites of alighment.

Me: Janus XDDD
Which is a tricky thing... good is usually suppose to fight the bad. Not really be one with it. It's likely that in this world we're writing.. Dark mages/Witches/Wizards.. keep to their own... and The light side does as well. Meaning Soul Masters are just kind of stuck in the middle of it all and neutral to it
So, for Nava and Clever to actually want to co-exsist is sort of unheard of since their magic isn't meant to really do that to begin with.
And I just made drama about the magic users! But i don't care!

Neo: I'd imagine mages are cliquey XD They seem like the type to stick with their own... Darkmages are probably assholes, priests are snobby, and elementals are hippies XDD

Me: That certainly seems right to me XD so yeah... for Clever and Nava to break all that code would make ithings a little hard for them in terms of other mages that are a little higher up the chain/been there longer.

Neo: XD they would certaily get a lot of grief...
other mages would be telling them not to be together.. D: its home all over again

Me: And not because of the incest x: but because it doesn't make any sense for light and dark to be together

Neo: so.. then that said... I wonder if they choose which alignment or if it chooses them x8

Me: Ohhh... I actually like the thought of it choosing them. At least as far as mages go. Maybe it's based on their personality. For example.. Nava is more kind hearted than Clever. But, that's only because Clever is a little tougher and quick to be protective. Thus, light and dark

Neo: o: makes sense. The magic chooses their path based on them
D: at least the boys were happy for their first job... no clasification yet

Me: Nuu x: just learning the basics

Neo: ... I have no idea what they'd have in their hair... XD

Me: Some kind of decoritive clip thing I would imagine XD

Neo: hmmmm maybe somethign with the X and +
o: in second job they could have the x and + on their um... head jewlery... and or their necklaces...

Me: I think it would be nice if they had it on both :3 mainly because since it would be a pretty small symbol it wouldn't look so bad to show it on each... *loves the head jewelry* X3

Neo: oh man that 2nd job outfit... XDD is the gayest thing ever... open shirt, bar shoulders.. that shall.. and a dress.... Boys wont be able to keep their hands off each other ...

Me: So much touching XD



Neo: XDD aww man... and its little things like 'hmm, I wonder if they would refer to each other as their husband' or.. 'do they eat dinner together? Does mireru eat? do they take turns cooking?' or 'Does Seliph still fight? does Mireru fight with him? DO THEY PQ? Do they have the pet of each other?' or 'Is xmas their favourite holiday? aww I wonder what kind of gifts they'd give to each other'
XD and then I just forget questions adn think about them being cuddly...

Me: Eeee! X3 I think they do still fight and I think they would train together. Just to keep their abilities up. Seliph probably likes showing off his magic to Mireru at times. Especially since his two elements can sometimes make snow if he tries.
And I think they do like to refer to one another as their husband because I think they're proud of the fact they're married. It makes them happy so they like to introduce one another as such :3

Neo: XDD..
Mireru: *holds out ferret* : DDD THIS IS MY HUSBAND ♥
Seliph: :3 kyu!

XDD... aww... then I wonder if they have cute nicknames for each other... because trying to pronounce Mireru is like trying to fit your entire fist in your mouth

Me: Awwww! omg.. that's so adorable X3

They likely do X3 I wouldn't doubt it

Neo: aw man... D8... I wonder if they ever have fights..

Me: Every couple has fights, so probably x: but they don't really seem like the kind of couple to hold a grudge for very long. Too much in love.

Neo: x: I could see Mireru being jealous when Seliph is off with others at times. x:< Thats HIS ferret, not theirs.
Or possibly being jealous when Seliph goes to places he can't really go to.. like tap.
Can't think of any reasons for Seliph to get upset... XD he just seems so.. laid back and happy

Me: Yeah... he doesn't seem like the angry type to me either XD

Neo: XDD Mireru is a little more... cold and grumpy
only thing i can think that would upset Seliph is if.. Mireru wanted to be alone... or wanted to go do something alone.. x8
o: I wonder what made them fall for one another

Me: Well, I'm sure that after the whole thing with the bear and Mireru taking care of Seliph.. Mireru wouldn't really kick him out.. not even when they found out what/who the other really was.... perhaps Seliph would want to repay Mireru for taking care of him and helping him by helping him in return someway. Which leads to a friendship and so on o:

Neo: XD oh man... call me a cheese ball... but I keep thinking love at first sight...

Me: Cheese ball XDDD

Neo: XD ahh can't help it. I've never written anything like that. I don't think...

Me: I don't remember us ever writing love at first sight stuff o:

Neo: altho I'm sure Mireru would definitely find Seliph different from all those loud Tricksters that run around screaming GALDER PLZ BUY MA STUFF GIVE ME GALDER TRADE ME GIVE ME FREE STUFF HI LOL

Me: XDDD that's for sure. Someone calm and quiet. It would be a nice change of pace

Another down

Just finished writing Chp 2's script. It's a long one this time, but also pretty good with a flashback included.

Part of chp 3 is already outlined. I just have to wait for Neo to get the rest of what she wants me to script written down and then I can start on that.